Men's Ministries

Strong and godly families are most often the result of strong fathers. Strong and godly churches are the result of strong families. First Pentecostal Church is blessed with great men. While our Men's Ministry has no set time for meetings we do get together throughout the year for times of fellowship and prayer. The world has reduced the role of a father to some less than meaningful position within the family structure. We still believe that men are the priests of their homes, the spiritual leaders of their household. Their role cannot be reduced to anything less! At FPC we often remind our men that they are vital to the Kingdom of God - that they have more to offer than just their money and labor. They are men of God called to fill a role that only they can fill. The church could not be nearly as strong without them.

If you are looking for a group of men to associate with who love God and love their families then give FPC a closer look! We invite you to join us for one of our Men's Outings in 2013. Watch the calendar for upcoming events. You won't want to miss them.    


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